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Hession's Hangouts Mission Statement:
  • To present an approach that can help all brass players and musicians on any level in their desire to play well, please themselves, make music and maybe even earn a living.
  • It is a routine that I used and developed for ten years with yoga breathing exercises and zen trumpet philosophy to improve embouchure, endurance, flexibility, power, range and tone quality.
  • Developing the mind, body and spirit for high caliber trumpet playing.
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Here's How It Works:
  • View Upcoming Events Calendar to request a lesson time.
  • You and I will confirm lesson time using email. Email me directly:
  • Hession's Hangouts Lessons Options:
    • 1 Hour HSG Owner Discount $45.00 USD
    • 1 Hour Regular $50.00 USD
    • 2 Hour HSG Owner Discount $85.00 USD
    • 2 Hour Regular $95.00 USD
    • 1 Hour Group Discount (Per Person) $35.00 USD
    • 2 Hour Group Discount (Per Person) $65.00 USD
  • Video Chat Software Options
    • Skype
      • Best sound quality
      • Works on Microsoft Windows, Apple, and Linux platforms
    • Apple Facetime
      • Sound quality is good
      • Only works on Apple products: Mac, iphone, ipad, etc.
    • Google Hangouts
      • Adequate sound quality
      • Works on Microsoft Windows, Apple, and Linux platforms
      • Last resort if everything else fails
Here's What You Need:
  • Computer with a modern web browser
  • Webcam
  • Computer Microphone
  • Discounts for Hession's Sessions Guide (HSG) Owners.
A few points before your first lesson:
  • It may take a little time for you to get everything set up correctly, such as familiarizing yourself with the video chat software, making sure there's ample lighting, adjusting the microphone volume, etc. To maximize the time we can spend focusing on your playing, you should take care of these preliminary steps ahead of time. However, I'd be glad to help if you need assistance.
  • If we've scheduled a one-hour lesson and you decide during the lesson that you'd like to extend for another hour, provided I'm able to accommodate, you can simply make a separate payment for the remainder immediately following the lesson.
  • It is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE for you to share audio or video recordings of our lessons with others--or post them on the internet. If you do, that will be the end of our working together.
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