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Book Reviews
Journal Book Reviews
Vol. 33, No. 4
June 2009
Most noted for his extensive work as lead trumpet for Maynard Ferguson, Patrick Hession developed his formidable abilities through years of playing in the UNLV Jazz Ensemble, Las Vegas show bands, cruise ship bands, and the bands of Lionel Hampton and Glenn Miller.
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CD/DVD Reviews
I can't remember the last time I listened to a new CD from the beginning and listened to every selection to completion on the entire CD. This CD is absolutely outstanding! One thing this CD will tell you and that is if your system is performing up to par. Maynard's band of 11 musicians, including Patrick Hession who is lead trumpeter for Maynard's band, sounds more like a full big band orchestra on this CD.
Guest Artist Reviews
Hession's ability to "power-up" the trumpet in the highest register and still play a nice melody in the middle and extremely low registers is astounding. Maynard fans got exactly what they wanted, and audience members who might not have been familiar with that type of trumpet playing got a true initiation into what that special fraternity is all about.

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